ping back

  1. fizakhan1

    new member on this forum fiza khan

    hi guys i have been trying to know about inserting URL(my wish) whichever i want to insert in trackback but i did not find any resolution for this issue please i need a help related to this. thank you
  2. lisakin007

    Which is the best free blacklink indexer site?

    I am looking for a trustworthy and free backlink indexer site. Do you have any suggestions? What do you say about pingbomb, it would hurt my seo?
  3. V

    What is indexing and pinging backlinks ?

    if we have google console to index backlinks what is the point of indexing services and pinging them ? seriously i don't know the exact reason.
  4. pradep89

    looking for Pingbacks link if any one can provide then let me know

    hi i am looking ping back links provider and suggestion if any one can provide then let me know.. and how to create ?
  5. sujoydhar

    WP Footer Trick to Get Free Traffic

    Here is something, on your blog, in the footer.php before the </body> tag if you paste this code above it, everytime someone goes to your site they ping it from their own ip address. Code ! <?php if (is_single()){...
  6. I

    Any Other CPA Networks With ping back Verification?

    Hello All. I'm building a gateway type of site (using CPALd) that has visitors completing surveys in order to get to content. Alright, so I really like the ping back/survey completion/post back capability of CPALd which let's my code know to allow the visitor access to my content after...
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