1. greyfarmer600

    How to automate group postying in 2021?

    Hi, I want to automate the activity of sharing posts into groups. Pilotposter, safeposte, maherposter - these are all software clones and they do not work. It requires you to generate an access token which seems to flag something on facebooks end, they end up banning the account within 5...
  2. zrk4

    I should use proxy or not?

    Hi, I have a question. For several years I have used 3 accounts to add posts to groups. I used the "pilotposter" program and later "safeposter" unfortunately a month ago these programs died and after trying to add accounts to them again I received account verifications. I was able to recover my...
  3. Q

    Will the use of "pilotposter" get my profile banned?

    Should I use Jarvee to create several avatars and then post with pilotposter with them?
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