1. L

    PHPMyvideoblog alternatives

    Hi Guys I am running an automated adult video website with wordpress and PHPMyvideoblog , however the plugin is not being supported anymore and most of the sources are dead. Does anyone know any alternatives? only wordpress plugins, I am aware of standalone but they cost too much. Thanks
  2. 3

    Auto Blogs ..... Yes or No

    Hi There ...... my first post, i just thought i would ask about autoblogs, actually automated video blogs, i have some .tv names and considered it may be worth spending the $22 on the video feed plugin phpmyvideoblog. It was not too hard for a dummy like me to get my head around it but i am...
  3. nahor

    [GET] PHP MyVideoBlog 2.82 (03/24/10)

    Sales Page There is no need to null or whatever. Its a plugin to WordPress that will automate pulling vids to your sites ************************************************** Also here's my little fix for those of you using VideoFlick and MyVideoBlog...
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