1. TK421

    Is anyone ranking sites that use phpbay?

    I used to make quite a lot of cash from the eBay partner network using phpbay to pull related auctions straight onto my sites. I always have at least 300 words of content with phpbay underneath. Anyway, since the first round of panda updates any page that has phpbay on it won't rank at all...
  2. scb335

    WP plugin to autmate PHPBay on autoblogs 4 BHW

    I wasn't sure if this should go in Downloads or Blogging, hope I picked right since it's not really a download, just a share for the community. Anyway, I threw this together earlier for a member in another thread here and thought it might be useful to others who run auto-blogs and have PHPBay...
  3. l33t_soup

    TWP EPN Script

    Had a quick scan but I can't find anything straight off... I have looked at TWP EPN script as an alternative to phpbay and BANS. I was wondering what anyone's thoughts are. Its free, and looks like you can drop it in anywhere on a page tbh. Any thoughts, comments, insults, advice...
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