php help

  1. H

    Need cronjob setup for tumblr already have code

    Looking for someone to setup an cronjob for my website. I already have the script written i need help revising it and for someone to see if there are any errors. its in php. I tried to set it up myself getting forbidden errors and no input found issues. Need help ASAP :( I need it setup so when...
  2. therocketdude

    PHP Use or Benifits

    I have enrolled for php classes i want to know how it can benifit me in the field of IM and web devlopment i mean what are the various types of things i can create?
  3. B

    php Script Help

    Problem solved.
  4. K

    Anonymous Curl Script Wanted

    I'm hooked up with rotating proxies but my server domain and main ip are still showing. I don't have a clue about php or any other language but I really need to get my mailer up. I'm told I need to switch the url from http to https and install or activate php curl script. If anybody can help...
  5. sfidirectory

    Redirect user back to original page after login

    Hi everyone, So I have finished Stage 1 of a project of mine (mentioned on Not sure how to ask what I want to ask so I will describe it in a scenario: So I am wondering what can I implement in my...
  6. sfidirectory

    How do you temporarily ban a user?

    Hi everyone, So I am nearly finished stage 1 of an auction site... At the moment the login/register and logout functions work as they are supposed to, the user can edit/update their details, and in my admin section I can edit and delete users. The only thing I really have left to do is to...
  7. roamer

    [METHOD] Check your scripts and wordpress themes for hidden nasties

    Hey everyone, this is a short and very general guide, but I figured it's better to share than not to, more so since there are so many members willing and able to expand on it. What you'll require is an un-nulled copy of the script or theme you're trying to check. Also, and this is very...
  8. ramtripper

    Please Help! Can't Add PHP Rss Feed to HTML Page For Better Optimization

    Hey guys. Have a problem. My site is made with html. All pages except the blog - which is in wordpress. How do I make my front/main page have a feed from my blog. I know I need to use PHP - ive done hours of research and tried many things for this but nothing worked. I also know I need to...
  9. paperdonut

    Like button help

    I would like to give visitors an incentive for clicking the Facebook like button on my website. After the like button is clicked, I would like a button or a video to be revealed. Can someone help me with this? :)
  10. S

    [GET] Free help in fix your php problems.

    Welcome BHW members! :) If you have some problems with php(warnings, errors etc) you can contact me I will try to help you. MSN: [email protected] ICQ: 599198267 Regards!
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