php error

  1. xxx69

    Getting Problem with CPA movie Landing Page

    Hello Guys, I hope you all are doing well. I am using a php script for CPA Movie Landing Page. But getting this error after uploading all files on public_html. I don't know why I am using siteground hosting. Can someone tell me about this error?? Thanks
  2. C

    I Need Help About Socio Quiz

    Hello Guys, I have Installed Socio Quiz with Nulled Script i have a issue on it. When users share result on facebook user profile image not showing. I made with less budget and i am new here so guys please help because i have no 2nd options to solve my issue. please check & help.. Script -...
  3. Omoadamo

    How Possible Can This Be Corrected?

    Hello everyone, Recently I have seen series of an issue on my cpanel which actually lead to having some errors from both error log on cpanel and others from public_html. Please kindly help me through with necessary suggestions of how to correct these anomalies. Below are a sample of errors I'm...