php developer

  1. Azuolas

    ⚜️Download Unlimited PHP Scripts, Themes & Mobile Apps⚡Weekly New Releases & Latest Updates⚡Clean Files with VirusTotal Reports [50% OFF]⚜️

  2. Linu

    [WTH] Need a developer who are into PHP And Html

    Need a developer who are into PHP And Html for one of our website. Connect me through Skype. Payment mode only through Paypal. No newbie only experienced person needed. I mean Jr VIP (For safety purpose only) Here is my skype id- Please mention...
  3. A

    Lokking For Smm Panel Theme Designer ( php )

    Hey Guys! I'm looking for smm panel designer who can create perfectpanel theme design for us. I will send you references for pages. Or if you have some templates designs and ability to costumize it also please reach me via DM Thanks
  4. blackcommoner

    [Coding Service] Full web automation with or without captcha

    Contact: ========== Telegram: vitalpanda Skype: live:vitalpandamail Email: [email protected]
  5. Peter Turner

    ***Codesamour*** Hire Top Developers I Designers I Architects I VAs

    Skype: Telegram :
  6. dmister

    Hiring BACK END DEVELOPER - for a SMM panel

    Looking for long-term back end developer. Required skills: Php, API integration, Laravel, JavaScript Requirements: 1. Experienced with the above skills. 2. Ability to accept crypto. 3. Ability to follow instructions. Bonus for others: If you can refer the right person for this position...
  7. Great ruler

    Start Journey as a Website developer 90 days plan

    I plan to start learn and changer career into website developer HTML CSS WORDPRESS PHP BOOTSTRAP Suggestion me guys it worth to start learn and survey with skills .
  8. MonitorFabulous5720

    Php developer needed to clone a site

    I need a php developer that can clone a site for me very fast, and please bear in mind I would only pay after you finish the job, if you’re interested please drop your sky pe
  9. T

    Im looking for a PHP Developer for Email Autoresponder (Web Based)

    Hi Guys, I'm looking for a PHP developer for a project, the project is an email autoresponder (Web Based) The email autoresponder will pop the leads from example in gmail and then the autoresponder will send an email (Reply 1) to that pop leads. Features: - Pop and IMAP - SMTP Rotation -...
  10. T

    [HAF] - Chatbot Developer in PHP

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to hire a chatbot developer in PHP language. I am currently building a website wherein I need some help in integrating a chatbot which is readily available in the market or creating a new chatbot. I have no knowledge of PHP. I am using a CMS to build my website. The...
  11. virtualpurity

    WTH - PHP DEV - WordPress Scraping Script

    Hello, I need someone to build a WordPress scraping script. The scripts needs to scrape content of another website and store the data to wordpress by using custom fields. Its a 1 day job for an experienced php developer. PM me for more info. Cheers
  12. B

    Hello Guys Need help

    How good is this place haha! I have been involved with internet marketing for the past 5 years. I am heavily involved with internet marketing. I have a few ideas i would like to put forward to a PHP developer on how i can stream line and grow my business. I am looking to start as really good...
  13. kavericro

    Looking for PHP developer ( preferrably with experience )

    Hi, I'm in need of a PHP developer for a custom script that needs developing and adjusting. I have a rough framework of the script what others have done before - and I'm looking to add more functions to it. let me know if you're available. Feel free to PM me for the details. No time wasters...
  14. nandugan

    Logos, Banners, Illustration Services, Websites, Wordpress, Custom PHP Application

  15. SEO365

    Need PHP Developers to clone a script of Website

    Looking for experienced php developers who can create a similar script or website like amzreviewtrader dot com or any other popular deal site where amazon sellers can post their products for discounted price and amazon buyers can avail them . We need lots of features to be added with payment...
  16. amarindia

    Web Developer.

    I am looking for a web developer who is able to clone the site with basic function only.
  17. seosid

    looking for pro developer in PHP/HTML

    hi. i am looking for some pro developer who can work with youtube api to integrate with website. PM your skype to discuss in detail.
  18. alexel

    PHP Help!

    I'm having a tough time figuring this out. In a php URL such as this current threads URL, it has a parameter of a variable name and the value... /blackhat-seo/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=126.. What is the proper name for it? And how is it written?
  19. M

    PHP IonCube Decoder/Rewriter

    Hello, We got a few php files that were IonCube encoded. Since we need some custom development, so we want to find someone who can decode them, and if needed rewrite them for us. If you are interested, please let me know your price. We'll send you a sample file to test out if it is feasible.
  20. E

    Looking for php web developer with experience in jquery and css and responsive

    I need a php developer to do easy tasks for me it is based on forms and add/edit of the fields from database. But I need real fast programmer as I need to finish all tasks today in two or three hours period Php web developer with experience in jquery and css and responsive preferred if s/he...
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