php decode

  1. S

    Decode any ioncube file any version

    Decode any ioncube file any version
  2. M

    PHP IonCube Decoder/Rewriter

    Hello, We got a few php files that were IonCube encoded. Since we need some custom development, so we want to find someone who can decode them, and if needed rewrite them for us. If you are interested, please let me know your price. We'll send you a sample file to test out if it is feasible.
  3. avi619

    Anyone knows to decode a php file? :D

    Hey, I was wondering if someone could help me decode a php file. Here is the file- VT- Thanks!
  4. C

    How to Extract the PHP Code of a diff Webpage from Source?

    I want to extract the exact PHP Code used in a live streaming website which Iframe Adsense Ads inside the player and he has many wierd Codes.But when I view source,its displaying the HTML different Code which is not what I am looking as PHP is a server Side Scripting language. If some one can...
  5. kobra

    Please Help me to decode this "eval" crap!

    This is a wordpress template file. Both index.php and footer.php are encoded Index.php File <?php...
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