php code

  1. C

    Somebody here to clone an ebay listing as a template?

    Somebody here to clone an ebay listing as a template? I mean I need an html page with php with buy it now to move forward with the payment, to insert the details and get an Invoice with bank account. Attached you have the images: 1. The listing page where have to be editable 2. The image with...
  2. prince474747

    Where they got that script?

    I am planning to start an affiliate site on Movie. When I google for research I found some domain which use the same script: Can anyone help me to find the script? Which script they are using and which affiliate program you are using...
  3. Skaylet

    Marketplace for Keywords in PHP

    Hi there, I wanted to build a marketplace like this backend needs to be coded in PHP because I'm gonna integrate to existing website flow via API so the API server needs to be coded also. Required Fields : Keyword Keyword Difficulty Language CPC * Cost Per Click Volume Additionaly...
  4. thetahayasin

    I have made multiple website clones but how do i sell them

    I have been working on web dev for about 5-6 years now and and i never thought it as a profession just took it as a hobby. Ive made some super sleep clones of famous websites like thepiratebay, kickasstorrents and filehippo. Now I want to sell them but could not figure out how.
  5. asmaaosama

    PHP Developer

    Hi, I have experience in PHP for 6 years but work in native code and custom framework, and when searching for new work remotely all required Larvel framework and other things like react, etc... what can I do to solve this problem because I need work?
  6. U

    decode ionCube Loader extension encoded files

    Can anyone help me out with decoding these files with the ionCube extension decoder? I tried to crack it but didn't get much help from it. If anyone can help me with it decode those two files. it will be much help for me.
  7. GringoMonkey

    PHP File Download

    Hi, I have some php files I wish to download from someone elses server, but they seem to be protected. Looking for someone to download the actual useable files not the protected ones. Send me a pm and I will send you the link to the download directory. GM
  8. matt1972

    (HELP) PHP to get random line from text file for video embed

    This is a section of my code that goes and gets videos from any video site. What I’m having issues with is having it post a random title, that are all in a text file called titles.txt. What I’m wanting to accomplish is have my script go pull the video embed code, the duration, the tags, etc...
  9. T

    [HAF] - Chatbot Developer in PHP

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to hire a chatbot developer in PHP language. I am currently building a website wherein I need some help in integrating a chatbot which is readily available in the market or creating a new chatbot. I have no knowledge of PHP. I am using a CMS to build my website. The...
  10. KJREDDY247@

    Can someone let me what is this error: A PHP Error was encountered ???

    Hi, When i opened my website it is showing an error as follows in attached image, can someone let me know what does it mean exactly? and can i fix it myself or should i contact someone who know php coding? ( i don't have much knowledge of coding ) [ A PHP Error was encountered Severity...
  11. LuckyGirl9334

    Need help with mysqli_query()

    I just uploaded a new plugin to my wordpress site and immediately inside the interface I got this warning: Warning: mysqli_query(): Empty query in /home/lucindabrummitt/public_html/blog/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 1924 I have no idea how to fix this. For somebody here it may be simple...
  12. B

    Hello Guys Need help

    How good is this place haha! I have been involved with internet marketing for the past 5 years. I am heavily involved with internet marketing. I have a few ideas i would like to put forward to a PHP developer on how i can stream line and grow my business. I am looking to start as really good...
  13. H

    Looking For PHP Script To Recursively Search & Replace Server Files

    I do not want to reinvent the wheel. I need a PHP script that will search and replace server files recursively. This need not be something you've written. I would be happy with a link. Can anyone help with this type of script? There are a number of php files on my server, each of which have...
  14. alexel

    PHP Help!

    I'm having a tough time figuring this out. In a php URL such as this current threads URL, it has a parameter of a variable name and the value... /blackhat-seo/newthread.php?do=newthread&f=126.. What is the proper name for it? And how is it written?
  15. N

    PHP/MYSQLi downline builder

    First post in this website so bear with me. I'm also new to php coding. I've been banging my head against this code for a while now it seems so simple but yet it's giving me such problems and I'm not sure its my code at this point or something not setup correctly with the mysqli database...
  16. Last_Legend

    How can I find gen.php file if I make clone of any site

    hello hatters, I'm trying to make clone of a site and everything has been done but the main script/file is hidden which is gen.php . Even I clone everything like all .js files and all .css file but this file gen.php is hidden so I can't copy it and without this file I can't make proper script...
  17. A

    I need some help I was hacked!

    I have an adult site that was hacked and caused my account to be suspended yesterday he got in and changed my index.php page to the following: <html xmlns=""> <link rel="shortcut icon" type="image/png"...
  18. S

    Instagram auto like script

    Hi guys, I am making a php script which automatically likes pictures on Instagram based on a keyword search. I am liking about ~95 pictures an hour and I am constantly getting the following error: stdClass Object ( [meta] => stdClass Object ( [error_type] => APIError...
  19. B

    php Script Help

    Problem solved.
  20. K

    Anonymous Curl Script Wanted

    I'm hooked up with rotating proxies but my server domain and main ip are still showing. I don't have a clue about php or any other language but I really need to get my mailer up. I'm told I need to switch the url from http to https and install or activate php curl script. If anybody can help...
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