1. wizware

    Twitter wants your num-num

    How it comes that whenever I create an account on Twitter, they ban me and the only way to unlock the account is through entering a valid phone number? Do Twitter sell the given phone number? Does Twitter actually keep it kept hidden and safe? Has this happened to you or anyone familiar?
  2. S

    How can I send Unlimited SMS USA number?

    Hello, I have lot's of USA people phone number and I want to send Unlimited SMS to those number how can I do this/?
  3. S

    How can I Monetization USA Phone Number

    Hello, guys, I have lot's of USA real people phone number ( All state). I have more than 70K phone number. How can I Monetization those number or use to make money?
  4. B

    How To Monetize 100.0000 US Cell Phone Numbers

    I'm open for all kinds of suggestions (creative ways of monetizing it, SMS Softwares, CPA's, whatever) If we get to a good solution - after I use it - i will share the contact list on this thread. chin-chin!