phone verified account

  1. Bakidaki

    1 month old phone verified account VS aged account (email registered)

    Hello guys and girls, What is in your opinion better for moderate amount of follow / retweet / like automation (about 20 follow, 30-40 retweet and 40-50 like per day)? 1) 1 month old, phone verified, account with 100 followers (not real followers) 2) 1 year old, email verified, account with 0...
  2. blackmint

    [Giveaway] 10 Gmaill+Youtube Accounts - Fresh PVA

    Accounts creation process done very fast. Thanks @Array Experts for below thread for fast account creation All accounts are created with unique number, unique IP, unique device fingerprint and Recovery Address...
  3. sandyme

    What is the right price for Facebook PVA Aged account ?

    I have an 2-3 years old female fake facebook account with lots of interactions. A friend list of over 3000+ not just fake friends they are real people following me messaging me engaging with the posts i share on that profile. Account is Phone Verified, No bans till date. How much do you think...
  4. itsjinx

    WTB - REAL USA PVA Gmail/Google Accounts

    ---- THREAD CLOSED 10/13/2015 ---- I have looked everywhere for REAL Phone Verified Gmail/Google accounts that were created from a USA IP address. No one on fiverr sells Gmail/Google accounts that were actually Phone Verified so I will pay very good money for anyone who can do this. Most people...
  5. B

    Create Google Voice A/c

    Hi, I have some old facbook accounts. I want to make them PVA on USA phone number. I came to know that these can be made PVA through google voice a/c. Can anyone guide me how to create google voice a/c (I already have gmail account). Thanks
  6. T

    Group buy for

    I saw this site on google adwords and I am kinda desperate to try anything when it comes to craigslist. If there is anyone who is willing to split the cost of this product, please let me know via pm. I don't know how much it is but it looks like it will be a pretty penny since they are paying...
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