phone verfied accounts

  1. Great ruler

    Selling High Quality Accounts - Gmail-Instagram-Twitter-Facebook-Pinterest-Hotmail-Yahoo Accounts.

    SELLING QUALITY NEW EMAIL / SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNTS GMAIL NEW / FRESH 10 Accounts $6 100 Accounts $45 GMAIL OLD / AGED 10 Accounts $12 100 Accounts $100 HOTMAIL NEW 100 Accounts $25 1000 Accounts $200 YAHOO NEW 100 Accounts $25 1000 Accounts $200 AOL NEW 10 Accounts $5 100 Accounts $50...
  2. ThatBritishGuy

    Sim card vs PVA service?

    I am currently using smspva and dealing with a barrage of pva's within the last few days or so. Not sure if this is in part to instagram kinda freaking out recently or if its a proxy problem or something on my end. Either way I was hoping to get a few opinions in from people who are on both...
  3. D

    how can you set your jarvee setting and why we need phone verify for instagram

    hello guys, i want to do some IG + CPA method . i was a little bit confused .Hoping that someone can explain for me =)) my first question is : how do you guys set your jarvee bot setting? , i learn from this guy on youtube : . he is said that if i do about 75 follow for the first day and +25...
  4. Harazaki


    i have 65K Simcard real phone numbers, please pm me or give me your contact if you need them
  5. Harazaki

    Simcard service code

    I have 65K simcard real phone numbers, please inbox your contact if you need them
  6. L

    Phone verification - Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.

    Hi, Ive been lurking in the background here for a couple of months, soaking up as much info as I can and I have a ton of questions, but thats for another day. I see a lot of threads about phone verification and in particular trying to get around it. Ive been looking for a programming project...
  7. John3020

    [GET] FB PVAs for free

    I have a few FB PVA's over that I haven't touched. If you are interested, just PM me. The first PMs will get the accounts :) Good luck
  8. John3020

    [WTB] A lot of PVA badoo accounts!!!!

    Hey guys, I am desparately looking for PVA badoo accounts. I got a bot and I need a bunch of accounts. The accounts should have an email + phone number verficiation as a sign up. Looking for good pricings, large volumes and reliable sellers! Thanks
  9. G

    Phone Verified Account Bypass

    Can someone please tell me a Phone Verified Accounts bypass.
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