phone farm

  1. draco02

    Instagram banning people for owning too many accounts?

    My plan is to set up a phone-farm of 20 phones, 5 instagram accounts per phone and 1 super high quality virgin proxy per phone I want to grow these 100 accounts by hand, through whitehat techniques. I also want to use instagram creator studio to shedule and autopost my posts stories and...
  2. draco02

    Instagram autoposter (scheduling posts)

    I wanted to use GMT2 to upload pictures to my instagram accounts automatically, but im afraid of instagram deleting my account for that. Im not botting, just managing the accounts manually. But it would save a lot of time if i had a program that posts pictures for me (pictures that i upload on...
  3. MiniPanda

    WANT TO BUY - cheap android phones

    hi there ! Do you know where I can buy cheap (max 20$) android phones (minimum version 5.0 lollipop) To build a click farm Thank you !
  4. starfox6692

    Any of you have experience with phone farming?

    As the title says, it's basically just hooking up dozens of phones and automating apps that pay you to watch videos, click links etc. There are several articles if you do a quick Google search. Doesn't seem like it would benefit many people in places like the US or Canada where prices are high...
  5. jack_farmer

    My 700+ phone farm

    Personally, I spend a maximum of 3-4 hours a day on the farm. I have an assistant who helps me with some phones, but basically my farm works in a passive mode. On the video less than half of my phones I have a lot of experience in farms, if there are any questions, ask)