personal finance

  1. AphexMedia

    I'm spending anything over $5k in my bank from now on!

    Hey, This is kind of a personal finances thread. I don't understand much about money, and I have a tiny tiny bit of it. Currently I make about 800-1000 USD a month, with exactly 5200 USD cash in bank.. and about $30 in my wallet I don't know what people do, but I came up with this: Anything...
  2. T

    Covid-19 has changed a lot of things

    A lot of people have realized the importance of savings, health insurance, term insurance, being healthy, etc. I feel there is a huge gap to fill. Personal finance is a niche to focus right now. What do you think?
  3. J

    Learn Personal Finance In Less Than 1 Hour!

    -- Learn Personal Finance In Less Than 1 Hour! -- This video course contains principles and steps to successfully manage your money. Save more than ever and achieve your financial goals! I just published it and I believe you can find value in it. It's currently free for a limited time! You...