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    Any PBN Service in BHW which provide Pay Per Post ?

    Hey, Any suggestions for sellers in BHW who provide pay per post for PBN links. In my observation, most of the services sell only in bulk ( like 10 posts per order, 25 posts per order, etc). Any options to buy 1 or 2 posts? Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you
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    PBN trickie question: how safe it is to link to multiple pages of the same website?

    Hey guys, I understand that there's no "golden" number as an answer for this question. I'm asking just about a range, a guiding etc. Let's say I have a money site with pages A (homepage), page B and C (page B and C being articles). Is it safe to link from a PBN website to homepage AND page...
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    Hello All,Iam new to BHW Need your help

    Hai, This is MGS8 From India. I want to order good quality pbn links for my websites.So,please refer pbn link services that actually bought results for your sites. Thanks in advance.