pbn deindexed

  1. Zshan

    Many PBN Sites Are Deindexed - Please Check Yours

    Hi Guys I used many PBN services here and i found that many networks got hit and sites are deindexed now. I lost my ranking for my money term few days back. While checking for the reason (drop ranking) i found many PBN sites are deindexed and i contacted the providers. If anyone find the same...
  2. Veronique89

    PBN gets penalized - does link to moneysite from PBN also gets penalized?

    Hi to all, I was wondering that if I buy let's 6-7 links on a PBN and Google discovers this PBN and then de-indexes it, then will that have effect on the links from the PBN (so my bought links linking to my money site)? Thanks in advance for any replies! It would be very appreciated! Kind...