paypal suspended

  1. See you vader

    Can't get that 180 day Paypal Money ?

    I got a Paypal account suspended exactly 6 months ago. It said that if there's any cash there left I will be emailed by Paypal telling me how to withdraw that money. Yet 6 months later and I got nothing. When I got to my account and click on "Withdraw" balance I get an error. "Something went...
  2. P

    Paypal remains limited after sending documents !

    Hi all, PayPal asked me to send valid documents for review (proof of name , address , bank statement). After sending all these infos, a couple of days later, I received a message from paypal, your account has been limited and funds will be available for withdraw after 180 days. What should I...
  3. D

    Looking for someone to help with mc999 paypal account limitations mainly invoice making

    HELLO everyone and thank you for viewing my topic now i am looking for someone that could make invoices for paypal / ebay/ amazon and other websites I know alot about mc999 i can take care of every issue that comes up but invoices. (i just dont have the time to generate them) they must be...
  4. oblivion19

    Help with Xoom Transfer to India -

    Hey.. As half the world already knows that gaypal has temp suspended transfer to local banks.. I tried xoom.. First I tried the cash pik up location option.. But, it got cancelled automatically in one hour and my funds refunded to my bank account.. Next, I tried withdrawing to my bank...
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