paypal issue

  1. B

    My customers are Unable to make order more than $20 as Paypal error coming "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later."

    Hey guys, so I’m using this platform where I sell my digital products, but unfortunately I’m Unable to accept payment for $30 or plus as Paypal error coming "Things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please tryagain later." Shows up whenever a customer tries purchase using PayPal. Thing...
  2. josh charles

    Need paypal Limited account help

    Hello, how are you all? I have a paypal account. Unfortunately my paypal account got limit with $226. If anyone able to provide me national identification card for usa i will pay u. If anyone have experience about paypal you can contact with me via skype :bingsell10
  3. HustleFriday

    My PayPal Got Limited: Freaking Out :( Help!

    Hey guys, Please check the screenshots. Everything is fine. I can update everything except the last one. Resolve Issues in your other accounts. When i click on that, I get this: But the thing is, I don't have another paypal account with that email. I had one but that is closed. After...
  4. IMholic

    unable to buy JR VIP membership

    I am unable to buy JR vip membership from an indian paypal account. I already have a paypal account but I keep getting this error though I have money in my paypal as well as a bank account and credit card linked with my paypal. Please help.
  5. O

    My Paypal Account is Limited, Please, Help Me, I'LL GIVE YOU $50!!!!

    My paypal account is limited by paypal, they are asking me an invoices, a supplier contact, and tracking number, but i'm just a dropshipper, it's really hard for me to get those data from my supplier. Please help me to make it. I'll pay you $50 if my paypal account is no longer limited
  6. oblivion19

    Help with Xoom Transfer to India -

    Hey.. As half the world already knows that gaypal has temp suspended transfer to local banks.. I tried xoom.. First I tried the cash pik up location option.. But, it got cancelled automatically in one hour and my funds refunded to my bank account.. Next, I tried withdrawing to my bank...
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