paypal credit card scam

  1. mangobajito

    [Help] Lost 97$ with paypal payment process

    This is the what i have done i am going to buy clpro ---> i have opened the paypal payment page and on the right side of the page ,i have entered my credit card details [under not having paypal account] and sent the payment, money is deducted from my account but i have not seen any success...
  2. blackma

    Would you do this??

    Hey guys, What better way to calibrate my moral compass than to ask the very community of people that brought me into this Internet marketing game! In the past the reason why I never targeted teenagers and younger people was because I didn't think that they would have much loose cash let...
  3. T

    Getting even with paypal with COMPLETE anonymity

    Hello everyone. This is a report of a previous topic which i think i posted too hastily. I am studying system security at the university and came up with a question, after a friend got scammed with a paypal transaction. I am posting a half-real, half-hypotetical situation that interested me...
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