1. W

    There is some info out there explaining what's wrong with Payoneer payments platform

    Hello There is some info out there explaining what's wrong with Payoneer payments platform. Recently there have a extreme burocracy policies demanding tons of documents in order to verify a account. I submit what they want and they reject all documentation even if it's correct. I confirm and...
  2. Adilpro

    My 2 seller accounts on ebay and etsy, Your products/ ideas..

    Hi, Here is what I have: + 1 aged ebay seller account (2016) already linked to payoneer +1 new etsy account, already 2 products active on it + 1 paypal aged account too + 3 facebook aged account with marketplace activated I'm open for suggestions and collaborations :)
  3. D

    looking for a website where i can host my landing page , sell ebooks , support affiliates links , and pay via payoneer

    I found a lot of websites that does all the above except tha payoneer stuff .... I want to sell digital goods , get affiliate marketers their link alse preferably a free website that just takes sales cuts
  4. C

    FAN(facebook ausience network) payout

    Hello Guys Is Anyone Here Tried Linking Fan (facebook audience network) Account With any banks like (Wise, Payoneer) .. Is It Working Have You Get Payment Without Any Problems Thanks,
  5. bbrokeaf

    Please Don't Use Payoneer (really should be called shitoneer)

    I've gained a lot of valuable knowledge from this community and I hope today I can help at least some of y'all from getting fucked by this company. (it's also kind of a rant to be honest) The Problem I don't know if their business model changed from, charging a fee to provide decent value to...
  6. HashimThaqi

    How to link Payoneer with Etsy

    I live in a country where etsy payments is not available but I have a bank account on a country where etsy payments is available. Can anyone explain that has experience on how to link Payoneer with Etsy, so I can recieve money.
  7. Remorse

    Payoneer Alternatives

    So what you guys are using these days to receive payments from clickbank?
  8. T

    Can't buy crypto with Payoneer

    Hi Why can't i buy crypto on Binance with Payoneer? I believe it should work I get an error processing the payment...
  9. Negi Ji

    Crypto Exchange Service

    Hey, Can anyone please tell me the names of exchange services who take payment in crypto and sends fiat through paypal or payoneer to other person? Please mention the name of only trusted exchanges Thank you
  10. DylanMarshall

    Do any services/sites that will sell o Ebay on your behalf exist?

    Asking because I had to switch to Payoneer from Paypal for payment and got banned by Payoneer so now I can't sell on Ebay. What are my options?
  11. seojen

    Payoneer Payment Being Processed - How Long Does it take for You ?

    I have received some payments in my Payoneer account, and it's been 5 days or so but when I check the status, it says " Payment being processed " Should I contact their support or it's normal for payments to take that long before they are deposited?
  12. A

    What better sell on ebay now ?

    Hello memebrs. What better sell on ebay now ? I am trying to sell from China suppliers but don't have sales Any suggestion ? Thx
  13. Nw_Work

    Is your's also broken or just me?

    The Payoneer request a payment feature when clicked gives following; Looks like we’ve got a problem Try again. If the problem continues, let us know.
  14. googlebis

    Ordering new Payoneer card... can i buy my own Fiverr gigs?

    My card was expired and i can't order new card because i have to recive $100 from their mass payout comanies such as (fiverr, upwork....). so i'm thinking to make 2 Fiverr gigs $60 each and buy them from myself. good idea? how did you fix this problem for yourself?
  15. B17zr

    [Guide] Step by Step On How To Create Community Federal Savings Bank Payoneer

    Hi there If you're looking to Link Payoneer with Paypal, Or even with Stripe, well this quick Guide is for you I've seen people here saying that you can't link Payoneer with Paypal, well that's true, but if you can create Community Federal Savings Bank on Payoneer then you can link it with...
  16. djsobuj

    India: how to send Money to india?

    Want to send money to India UPI/Bank transfer using my payoneer Mastercard. Wise not accepting my card anymore. How can I send online?
  17. goRksHIP

    someone has used payoneer with crakrevenue

    hi, has anyone received money from crakrevenue through payoneer's Global Payment Service?
  18. J

    withdraw money from aliexpress in 5 days

    anyone has a method to withdraw money from aliexpress in 5 days?
  19. V


    Hi guys, i need a help now, I'm having US paypal account but I'm not a american, i dont have US bank account, can i know how to withdraw money from us paypal account to non-us bank account, or do u guys have any ways to do that ?
  20. Yupwork

    I can't send money to an other payoneer account PAYONEER 2 PAYONEER

    When I try to send money to another Payoneer account they show me message says Before you can make a payment, you need to receive additional payments from one or more of the options below 1 Connect with marketplace, network or business platform integrated with Payoneer 2 Provide a customer...
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