1. gulpx

    Reverse engineers required, high pay teams are welcome long term project.

    Hi, I am looking for a reverse engineers with scripting and proxy experience proxies being the most difficult part due to the endless amount of tasks required a good example of this project would be bulk creating social media accounts and other platforms If you have a team you can work with...
  2. TheCoin

    @cryptoniancs SCAMMER - I Paid $1100 (He pretend to run Google Ads for Crypto offers)

    Hello BHW admins and moderators, I suggest you guys to implement more rules and strict verification process for VIP/Premium members because is supposed to trust buying services from them in the Forum right! I am talking with this shit of SCAMMER @cryptoniancs - till on 12 May, 2022 after...
  3. F

    Streaming files upload.

    Hello everyone, I started working again with streaming after five years. But the problem is all the old sites are down and i try to find a new websites about few months. Results its a zero sites... I don't understand where to possible adding links and watch movies per streaming hosts. May...
  4. goRksHIP

    someone has used payoneer with crakrevenue

    hi, has anyone received money from crakrevenue through payoneer's Global Payment Service?
  5. G

    WANT TO PAY: Recover 3000 aged gmail pva accounts for writing google reviews again

    Is there a possibility to recover pva gmail aged accounts which are several years old - logging in, searching, youtube, everything working smoothly, human activity, everything fine. Problem: Used them for writing google reviews since 3 years, without any problems. Since 15.04.2021 no chance for...
  6. charmtolucky

    Must Read, an Interesting Post on Covid

    For those who haven't understood yet..... Victoria's Secret has declared bankruptcy. Zara closed 1.200 stores. Chanel, Hermes and Rolex have stopped production. Nike is getting ready for stage two of redundancies. AirBnb founder says that due to the pandemic, 12 years of effort have been...
  7. K


    I log into money gram today and notice when i'm trying to send money It no longer had my CVV number saved on the account and wanted me to re enter it. After re entering my CVV it says "Something went wrong on our end try again later" This card im trying to use has never given me a problem...
  8. P

    Fiverr reviews

    Hey, there I would like fiverr reviews please add me on skype: uoopsf Thanks ! :)
  9. Y

    Adults pay for turkey

    Hi, I'm living in Turkey and I'm gonna do porn job. But Turkish banks don't accept porn payments. Please advise me a company that I can take payments apart from cosmopayment, epayment, payoneer, paypal, paxum and paysera. And also I want Visa typed a bank card. That will be so good if they're...
  10. MrT131

    How does OGAds pay out?

    Hey Guys, i have a question about OGAds today : If i want to pay out my money that i earned with OGAds, which payment processors are available (example : paypal)?
  11. Hearmeout

    [WTB] Ebay and Paypal Stealth Accounts

    As stated in title, pls PM me your price and proofs.
  12. H

    I look for someone with upwork account

    I need person with upwork account. The requirements for the account are as follows Job Success Score: more than 95% Earned: more than 800$ Hourly Rate: 30~ 50$/h If you have the information, please contact with me
  13. V

    Google Pay Domain?

  14. Nachus74

    Stripe blocked my account, an alternative that you recommend?

    In my online store I used Stripe as a payment channel for credit cards, but of course, and now what? What alternatives are there? What do you use, better commissions?
  15. F

    I wanna buy upwork verified account based on all over the world

    Hi, I wanna buy upwork video verified account from you. Then I'm gonna pay you via paypal for each account. If you have more accounts, we can have business based on upwork account marketplace. S k y pe id: fokin.savelievich85 Thanks Fokin
  16. Luca Jones

    Chaturbate and First Choice Pay Questions

    Hello guys, I have been earning some amount and been using First Choice Pay without any problem. I still have some money with them. Today, I noticed that chaturbate is no longer accepting First Choice Pay as a payment processer. Now, I guess some of us have to turn on Paxum or Cheque. I did...
  17. N

    Should I pay my Facebook ads? HELP!

    Hi, so I recently started my own dropshipping business and I invested around $30 into Facebook ads, I don't really want to pay it as I want to use that money to invest into instagram influencers. I don't have much care for the account in the case it gets disabled. My question is, will there be...
  18. Goldiiing

    Easy way for beginners to make $10/$20+ a day.

    This is my first thread to help people/beginners make some cash online. Many of you will have seen this before or even maybe done it yourself. Steps - 1) Make accounts on & Non Referal Links ( ( 2) Start using 10kHits to surf...
  19. D

    Modification php script

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone for help me to modify one php script. Is easy but for me is hard. I do not know. Is about one player mp3 and change this server zippyshare with other. Please someone can help me??? I do not want help for nothing. I can pay!! Thanks in advance.
  20. A

    Amateur / Ambitious Novelist Looking to Boost Sales Ranking

    Hello, Internet Friends and Neighbors. Here's the rundown. I'm trying to build a writing resume. To achieve such a goal, I need my novel to get on the Amazon bestseller list. In order to get on the list, an abundance of orders needs to be placed, at the same time. I need at least ten people to...
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