pay to click

  1. arberzylfiu

    Neobux and other PTC sites

    Hello all. Just signed up on this site and I have to say it is quite fantastic! Anyways, what do you think about PTC sites? Are they good for $20-$40 a day? Has anyone ever been paid by these sites? I am currently using Neobux. I have made $0.12 for some days and I know more or less about the...
  2. LX911

    Earn through Link Sharing

    Hi, I am looking for an earning opportunity by just sharing links and earning when they clicked.. besides Linkbucks and ****** what else is there?? Hoping to get some awesome suggestions! ;)
  3. L

    pay to click?

    A couple of days a freind told me about a guy making $60-$70 per month just by clicking links. I started to research and found that it is possible, but there is a lot of sites, lots of lists (each one trying to get you as referred), and etc. I would like to know your opinions about this and what...
  4. M

    Looking for SMS forwarding service for use with

    Ok, I'm trying to find a service that will allow me to get an SMS number that can be used like a cell phone number, similar to the service that offers for voice numbers. The idea is to get a different number to give out every time I sign up for the service at
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