pay per call marketing

  1. I

    Questions on pay per call

    Hi I wanted venture Into pay per call. I have a few questions I want to ask 1 best network to apply for 2 Best niches to promote 3 tips for getting accepted into a network ( how strict are they there acceptance) 4 are they any black hat method or free traffic method for promoting ppc offer...
  2. M

    Need knowledge on Pay Per Call Affiliate Program

    Hi, I am newbie in pay per call, need to understand how pay per call publisher group working, is that number for each publisher is different if it is then which network work is best for it. Thanks in advance
  3. Dexter Kohli

    Dashboard for Pay per Call Marketing

    Does anyone know any good software to create a dashboard to track calls for pay per call marketing?
  4. D

    I want to Learn Pay Par Call Marketing

    I want to Learn Pay Par Call Marketing anyone Interested to teach for pay.