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  1. C

    What is Ad-Center

    Was looking at some tutorials on how to set up websites and make money off of them in this forum and one of the ways was clicking on a button on the website and that button didn't do anything besides redirect them and that redirect would earn you money (PPV I believe). Anyway, they acheive this...
  2. M

    What are some good offer with targeted customer of college stuents?

    Can someone please share an idea for college students? Pay Per Click? Pey Per Install? Pay Per View? Where can we find some offers suitable for College students?
  3. R

    Video Ads Website

    I am building a website where people can watch video advertisements and make money. For example, there are some gaming apps that allow users watch a video ad to earn rewards/ or payments. In my website (not a gaming website),I want users to watch video ads and earn from it. Any advertisers for...
  4. R

    Need a PayPal payment received invoice

    Need a PayPal payment received invoice template. Yes, if you have one in your email, you can send to me. I need to work on something
  5. draco02

    Instagram - easy money?

    Ok so before i start writting, sorry, im just a newbie in this whole thing so that explains my lightheaded thinking and Euphoria :D So i wanted to start making some money to pay my study bills and rent: my goal is to earn 1-2000€ a month online So i stumbled upon youtube botting, insta...
  6. P

    Youtube views but no income

    Hello everyone, First of all i would like to apologize for my english (i'm not a native english speaker, so if something isn't clear just ask). I also did not know if this was the right place to start this thread, if it is not, again apologies. Anyway i have been trying to earn some money the...
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