1. T

    $4500 of Paxful

    Hi I'm about to buy $4500 USDT on Paxful and a bit afraid lol I already bought $100 just to try the platform and it went well But this big amount is scarier, did you guys ever bought in this amount? Feedback are needed haha, thanks :)
  2. Cashtag

    Stealth Accounts Solutions

    Stealth Accounts Solutions (PayPal,Cashapp,Coinbase & More) Are you looking to expand your online businesses and accept more payments methods? Maybe you're just trying to stealth and keep it on the low? Well, I'm here to provide you with some HQ accounts! Features ~ Send/Receive Money ~ ~...
  3. Email Seller

    Beware from Paxful Scams

    I write it for a newbie on Paxful. Please be careful Start trade on Paxful, Especially for trade with Neteller, Skrill, Payoneer and like as others. I'm Writing it when I already lost a lot of money with Neteller Skrill and Payoneer trade. Some dishonest traders make payment with their self...
  4. Terle

    How to buy Bitcoin in India anonymously?

    Looking for ways to purchase BTC anonymously online in India. Is Paxful safe using UPI-IMPS-Paytm? Which digital wallet is recommended?
  5. Leader777

    Anybody Using Paxful?

    Anybody tried Paxful before if yes what i have to look for to not get scammed?
  6. L

    (WTB) Switchere or Paxful verified account

    Hi if you can provide this, please kindly PM now. Thanks
  7. M

    BUY - Paxful ID verified account

    Looking to pay someone who offer ID verification service on paxful. I am not interested in old accounts. Need 1 or 2 brand new verified accounts. PM if you can do it. No time wasters / scammers. Will move forward only through escrow. Do not ask for upfront payments.
  8. slager889

    Paxful Verifications

    Does anyone here have a fully verified Paxful account? I'm trying to see if there are any ways to get around it.