password recovery

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    Help needed to Retrieve/Reset Gmail password

    Hai members! I forgot one of my gmail accounts password and i tried to reset the password through "Recovery email". But after verifies the code google doesn't recognize its my account..The unfortunate is, its my adsense account too. And i already verified my mobile no with account, but password...
  2. P

    35 $ for recovering my Old Aol Account, which I have not used for a decade

    2002 in the early stages of Aol I got an email account with my full name. Since then I haven't used it anymore. The password will probably contain only letters and maybe '12' or just '1' at the end. So for everyone who has EXPERIENCE with this please leave an offer. Why am I not calling the...
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    Recover a specific AOL Account (cannot reach anyone under the support number)

    I have tried reaching the aol support to help me recover my password. But the number for Germany was simply wrong and I don't want to pay any high fees for abroad connections. That's why I am asking whether someone can recover a password using hydra or so. If you can please skype me...
  4. S

    Need Help Accessing A Facebook Account

    I just started a new job where the previous people who were running it ripped the owners off. They created the Facebook page for the company but they have the password. Is there any way I can get into this account and then change the password and lock them out so the business can have their page...
  5. H

    Where Is There A Online pdf Password Cracker

    I bookmarked a site that allowed you to upload a .pdf file & it would then crack the pdf file and allow you to download it, anyone know the site I can't find it in my bookmarks.
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