1. wolfman1

    Looking for code (or a coder) who can extract business emails, from the “about” page on YouTube.

    I am looking for software, custom code, or a programmer who can build an application to collect the email addresses of YouTube channel owners. I would for example, provide a list of keywords. The software would enter them one at a time into YouTube and collect the video search results. It...
  2. A

    Data Scrapping Youtuber's emails

    Looking to have some help in scrapping the business inquiry emails from Youtubers from 10k subs up to 20 mil subs. There are specific categories I'm looking for, kindly let me know on your rates. Thanks!
  3. wolfman1

    [BOT] Scrape Youtube channel owner business email contact details

    My goal is to feed a series of keywords to Youtube ... To collect the URLs of the top ranked videos ... And to contact the channel owners of those videos. To do so, I need a sophisticated bot, that does the above mentioned tasks, and then deals with the recaptcha issue, to extract the contact...
  4. tianbo84

    Scraping a movie database

    Does anyone know of a movie database that is downloadable. I know IMDb had one but it is far too huge and the data is spread across multiple files that need to be parsed. I was hoping that someone might know of say xls or CSV file that might have like 20k+ titles with info in order to upload...
  5. skeye

    [How-to] Fetch product prices, names, images, descriptions, and more from any website.

    Hey gang. Here to show you how to download in bulk any information from a website. I use it to track how other websites in my niche change prices and to price match my products. But I think you can use for a number of other things. This method doesn't require any programming skills and is...

    TOBBOT - Universal webmaster software (free cross-platform software)

    Hi, guys ;) Let me introduce you my new software - TOBBOT (I hope that kindly admin will place a link on tobbot[dot]com/en/ here :)) TOBBOT is fast and free cross-platform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux etc.) software. Easy-to-use API functions allow users to automate the majority of their network...
  7. W

    FREE Stuff: I study php and parse content for you

    Hello everyone! I study PHP and I very like parsing some content from different sites. For my experience I suggest you my free servise: parse content for you. You give me a link on website. I return to you a file where on each string will be: title delimeter content (you can ask me to use you...
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