1. puneetas3

    [Help] How to find high traffic parked domains for advertising

    Hi, I need to find a list of parked domains with impressions greater than 10K/day for paid advertising. Is there a way I can search for mistype and parked domains or buy such list anywhere. Niche don't matter. Thanks.
  2. kytro360

    Am I wasting my time with my parked domain?

    Hi, I bought two domains on NameCheap and signed up with 000WebHost to host them since I wanted to test a new method on these domains. In 000WebHost you can "park" domains. What this means is if a user types the domain I bought in NameCheap the content theyll see if the content of the site I...
  3. zherwin021

    i need some advice on my domain

    Hello guys, i bought a domain on namecheap and its a 3 years domain. the domain is i do not know what i will do on my domain. i just saw the domain is available thats why i bought it, :D any advice please? but if anyone interested to the domain im willing to trade it.
  4. thesyndicate

    What do you adverts do you use on For sale domains?

    Hello! From what i understand you can not use adsense on domains that is for sale? Or can i still do it if they have a content? I have sent a email to few weeks ago but no reply. Adbrite is not paying any money any other big groups that pay good for parked domains?
  5. C

    Tool for filtering out parked/redirected/dead domains

    Hi, Could somebody reccommend (if exists) some good tool which would filter out thousands unactive-parked-redirected domains to get only clean list of domains with their alive running sites ? I use one of domain validators which filter out dead domains which I can batch delete , but I want more...
  6. S

    Blank Referer Trick is Not Work

    trick blank referer for parked i think is not work again because my account have banned. Are there still new trick for getting much earning from parked? Thanks for sharring..
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