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  1. predator1988@

    How many parasite sites are you using?

    Hello How many parasite sites are you using?
  2. ATuringtest

    Experiment #2 Parasite Website Wixx [lots of pics]

    So as a follow up on my last experiment [link] I decided to do this one a little different. I did all the linking and waited for a few weeks before publishing the results. So I use a new google account and made a wixx page. Really simple a few lines of text a shit load of white font keywords...
  3. idbn667

    question about parasite method- i did it right?

    hello i pretty newb hope someone can help me.. first i created website at weebly,added content of around 1000 words,now in the last line i put keyword with anchor text link to my money website. if its right,my job now is just blast this website with cheap backlinks service? thank you
  4. M

    How to Rank a Facebook Parasite?

    I just created my Facebook page to promote an affiliate product. Anyone help me, how to rank a FB page. Is still Parasites are rankable by using spam backlinks? Because I ask someone says you can't rank by using spam links. Can I use GSA or PBN links? Can anyone suggest me the best...
  5. kasabian21

    Need safe backlinks for a new site? We've got you covered.

    First 15 clients will receive $30 OFF (Discount has been automatically applied) If you have any questions please do not hesitate to post in the thread or via PM. Thanks.
  6. Ozzyzig

    301 Short URL Building Service

    301 Short URLs have, and continue to be a great way to boost the power of a parasite page. It is not the only factor involved, but it is something that can assist in ranking it when coupled with links from GSA. For long time BHW readers, you’ll know that I published a thread over a year ago...