1. menSA47

    My Journey to $50/Day with crypto arbitrage.

    Hello guys, this is the start of my new journey here so a little background about me: I am a guy that always works things on the side on the internet I worked as a designer, reskin apps, Smma, got into crypto, and nfts in 2022 made good revenue while studying and learning Skills along the way...
  2. Otman Novovic

    Where to buy USDT at a cheap price?

    Hey, I live in a country where cryptocurrencies are illegal and the only way to buy them using P2P on Binance and the local sellers take this opportunity to skyrocket the USDT price honestly I can't afford those prices and I would love if I can get USDT at the there original price thank you <3
  3. mstapha999

    Any possible Instant payment gateways for SaaS, SMM website ?

    Hello Friends. I have a SaaS, SMM business where i sell a bunch of optimization services for social media pages and websites SEO. Unfortunately stripe is not available in my country, not only that but it also doesn't suit my cashflow strategy as Stripe holds payments for more than a week. I am...
  4. JVRZ

    Thoughts on P2P lending?

    I recently came across the concept of P2P lending when I saw a platform called Mintos. Have any of you used this platform or P2P in general? I was thinking of playing around with it and adding it to my porftolio of investments (mostly stocks, some crypto and some P2P) I am 18 so my time horizon...
  5. ryalistikbalzac

    [$5500 monthly Goal - 2020] Step 1 : $55/month - Amazon - Authority blog - Investments and more

    Hello fellows, First of all I have to say that I'm not an English native speaker / writer. I'll do my best to explain and understand as I can. My goal is to make a living from webmarketing and projects. $5500 a month would be great. 5000 € in my currency. I'll see after reaching it. I have...
  6. S

    Torrent and P2P File Sharing Protocol

    What Is The History Of Torrent? The credit of developing the first torrent goes to programmer Bram Cohen – an application of BitTorrent customer on 2nd July 2001, now taken care of by BitTorrent, Inc.! All the versions earlier to December 2001 were without a license, written in Python and were...
  7. W

    Newb* Entrepreneur at a snag

    long story short i have an innovative idea to launch a unique and innovative p2p lending platform, cant get funding..tried EVERYTHING, need a co-founder, need a platform developed..yada yada yada. no this isnt just another dumbass with some idea he thinks is genious. it actually has huge...
  8. N

    Can you still make money with HitLeap?

    I've accumulated a couple thousand HitLeap points and trying to figure out how to monetize them. I read some of the old posts and it seems like using ****** or AdSense will just result in me getting banned. Do you have any other recommendations on how I can make a little extra money?
  9. V

    i need script similar to grabr.io

    script similar to grabr.io, p2p delivery, thanks
  10. C

    Is there p2p software exsist for SEO, that auto google's keywords and click desired link?

    I just assumed this software would exist so I thought I would ask here: In google's algorithm one of the variables are the amount of clicks a link gets after a particular set of keywords. So each 'click' is like a 'vote' Example: So if i type "seo forum website" in google and then someone...
  11. X

    $120/2 Days! | The Extended Guide | Torrents & RelatedOffers | Noob-Friendly

    Finally, its time to share the extended guide of the $120 in 2 days system! Some of you may have read my previous thread in which I (tried) to explain step-by-step how to make money from torrents and related offers. In this extended guide, I will try to go in-depth on how to create/upload and...
  12. Aare

    Any alternative to marketbay?

    Hi, Since marketbay removed theyr direct "signup" style landers for P2p traffic the conv % has dropped alot. Are there any alternatives that allow linking from p2p website straight to step1 of purchasing rather than theyr own lander in between?
  13. O

    File Sharing Community Still Alive

    I used to use to find usefull information and programs at various places Hotline Carracho (mac only) Haxial KDX Also gnutella (limewire) and similar (edonkey, FT ...) seems to have died off a bit. ftp at a lanparty hardly used usenet Torrents seems to have killed of most of these. What is...
  14. mystery

    How to Spam P2P Tools like Limewire

    Hello everyone, Ok, this is not a tutorial, rather a question... sorry. I know some of you might know how to do this. With P2P softwares like limewire, sometimes you get fake results that exactly match your search keywords. Usually these files are small and have certain specific size that...
  15. BigBlue

    2000 hits but 0 dl with limewire, does this sound right?

    Hi there, Sorry if I am posting to the wrong thread, but I have been experimenting with some torrent/p2p blackhat method to get some cheap traffic. I know torrents are way more effective, but due to the fact that p2p "auto submits" your file, this is my current focus. My question is, I...
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