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  1. Hayden Russell

    [Revenue Raccoon] High-Quality Content by American Writers ($0.02/Word) - 40% BHW Discount

    It can be very difficult to find a company that is honest, does good work, and doesn't charge too much. A lot of companies charge less than a penny per word, but as the old saying goes, "you get what you pay for." This cheap content may work well for a low-end PBN (maybe), but it definitely...
  2. homeriscool

    Outsourcing Blog Articles vs Writing Them Yourself?

    I've been pondering this question for a long time now. I'm getting close to burning out with constant writing. Do you think its better to outsource blog articles rather than trying to everything yourself? I live in the UK too which helps with the currency exchange rates etc... How do go...
  3. irishlee1982

    fiverr vs fourer and tenner

    hello guys just thought id share something im sure we have all heard of fiver well i came a cross 2 more site the same as fiverr last night one is call fourer and the other tenner most of you might already know of these but for those who dont they should come in handy for outsourcing...
  4. H

    Top Tools For Managing Outsourcers

    When you get good at outsourcing, it can really transform your business - it has certainly changed mine beyond all recognition in the last twelve months. But you need good tools to manage a remote team. Any recommendations for good tools and resources for managing outsourcers? Here are my...
  5. Tseng

    {[ ARTICLE WRITING SERVICE ]} Professional High Quality Content for Low Competitive Rates

    Tseng & RedKing's {[ ARTICLE WRITING SERVICE ]} Why outsource with sketchy, unreliable, and unsatisfying freelance writers? Do the smart thing instead, put your trust in our highly recommended and affordable writing service to assure you're provided with the most professional and highest...
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