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  1. M

    {WTB} Looking for Quality Pet Niche Related Guest Post and Outreach

    Hi All, I am looking for QUALITY guest posts that include follow links, in quality pet-related or veterinary-related websites , Send Me a PM with a list of websites you have including prices and TAT. Minimum Requirments: Has to be Pet Related (Not News ) Minimum 3k Monthly Traffic Would...
  2. bkdigitalsoft


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  3. kabe

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  4. SEO Duke

    Getting Some Free Guest Posting Tips

    I found many people looking for free guest posts. So I am sharing a tips which I implemented few times. Try to pitch some sites which are not based on affiliate. example: You may outreach service sites in your niche. If your mail is well enough for convincing, you may get a site who accept...
  5. SEO Duke

    Multiple Guest Post From Same Site?

    Do multiple guest post add more values when doing link building? Recently i noticed that some of my clients (e-commerce sites owner) are taking 4-5 posts from same site. Which is pretty uncommon for me. Do they are really add extra value or same?
  6. habibsoft

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    1800+ Real Outreach/Niche Edit Database List With Regular Update No Need Fancy Design Thread!! I have been working as an Outreach Manager for almost 3 years in various companies. In the last 3 years, I've got backlinks from around 2500+ sites via outreach mail. From these 2500+ sites...
  7. castoro

    Do I need to warm up my email for very limited backlink outreach? (20 emails/day)

    Hello. For one of my brand new websites I would like to write emails (manually) to businesses in a certain location (one set of email for each location) For example I would have to write 20 email/day for about 5 days per month (days not consecutive). The emails will not contain links and would...
  8. John Michelson

    Refund Guaranteed - Real Backlinks From Real Outreach Sites - DR 30+ | DA 20+ | 1000+ Organic Traffic

  9. DuckingOutstanding

    Your Adult Guest Post/Link Building Clients + My 7 DA 50-70 Adult Sites

    Hello! I have 7 adult sites, various niches, all of which are DA 50-70, DR 45-60 and some of them getting as much as 480,000 page views monthly, mostly organic traffic, with space available for guest posts, resource page links, and other links. This is not a large enough selection to be able...
  10. Topiano

    ⚡⚡ 2-PHASE GUEST POSTING Technique; Fast Links Index || We save you money building TIER 2&3 Garbage... LinksThaRanks ✅

    Guest posting appears to be a straightforward procedure; find blogs to guest post on, send out outreach emails, and get featured on these websites. All guest posts, however, are not created equal. INTRODUCING: Our 2-Phase Outreach Methodology for Guest Post Success ● PHASE 1: This phase...
  11. B

    Database of +5000 websites for paid articles. Is it useful?

    Hello! I have a question for the community. I am currently working for a company that has spent hundreds of dollars in getting a database (a set of excel spreadsheets) of websites to do outreach to///to try to buy articles from. In the past, I also worked for a company that paid freelancers...
  12. Ken Josh

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    ▶️ Ken's OUTREACH Guest Posts ◀️ ✅DR 40 to 70 | DA 50 to 80 ✅ ⭐️Organic Traffic Minimum 1K to 50K ⭐ ❤️ Starts from $70 ❤️ ⚡ 50%-70% Flat Off ⚡ For Additional discount codes : Leave a comment "Discount Shooter" on the thread Contact Info Email : [email protected] /...
  13. Rank 360

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  14. 7th Sense


  15. nifras

    [JV]Bring me the Guest post or niche edit sell to my site

    Hi, i am willing to sell guest post and niche edit. but I don't get many sales through contact forms. i am looking for someone or an SEO agency to bring guest posts and niche edit sales. just one website I have It but the quality is higher than what you can expect you can sell one guest post up...
  16. K

    Conversion Issue: Failing Guest Posting Outreach Campaigns

    Hello everyone, I am trying to build guest posts for my affiliate site but I am only getting 1% or lower conversion rates, meaning in every 100 outreach emails I only get one to accept, or even sometimes I get nothing. Is this a normal thing or is there something I am doing wrong such as I am...
  17. vezoneseo

    The Real Guest Post Outreach Service | Amazing guest post [No PBNs]

    The Real Guest Post Outreach Service | Amazing guest post [No PBNs] Order Now Email: [email protected] Skype: vezoneseo
  18. Help Desk


    I'm noobie in internet marketing. I've learned a lot about link building and all. But I need some experts suggestion here. I'm working on a website and only doing skyscraper technique on that. Just want to know is it possible to rank a website with just guest posts and link insertions in...