1. E

    B2B Sales - What's Next?

    Hey guys, New to the forum but have been lurking for a while, love the content and get a ton of value from the community. I focus on Outbound and B2B Sales for big enterprise, so I wasn't sure where exactly to post about this. If this is the right space to post, my question is: What's next...
  2. D

    have you ever worked as call centre executive working from home?

    did you made outbound calls to make sales, what niche you promoted, how many sales you made in a month?
  3. CarlSagan

    How many outbound links makes a backlink lose too much juice?

    I'm analysing potential PBN domains on ahrefs but I see some of the strong looking backlinks have a large amount of outbound links. Roughly how many on average is considered the maximum to keep the juice good? I was thinking around 20 but I have no idea. Thanks. Also i'm starting to see a...
  4. J

    How to Hire Inbound Agency to Drive calls my Call center?

    Hello Folks, I am thinking of opening a call center in Florida and companies like Verizon,Comcast etc are ready to offer me permission to generate new sales form them in my call center. I want to know how should I hire an Inbound agency who can drive calls of different products to my call...
  5. Vrindavan

    Redirect linking outbound links and tracking

    >> http://www.example.com/out.php?url=http://www.google.com Will this linking method reveal referrer URL information to google.com ? Will this linking method pass any page rank ? Is this linking method still count as a backlink by search engines ? Can i get the click stats of such url too...
  6. cwscontentwriter

    Call Center Process

    Hi All members, Well to be frank, am not aware whether BHW is the correct place to post my requirement, but still will try my LUCK I have a call center in India and right now am looking for process for USA, UK and Aus, Canada, NZ We do have an experience of around 5 + years in outbound sales...
  7. SweetJesus

    Gateway popup only on outbound links

    I have a wordpress movie site and I want to have it so that when a visitor clicks on a outbound link I can have my zango gateway popup and then redirect them to the links destination. Basically I need zango to come up on all outbound links. Any ideas on how to do this?
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