1. J

    Need to remove the "Add to Cart" button in OScommerce script

    I need someone to tell me how to remove the "Add to Cart" button in an ecommerce site using OScommerce script. I know this is an easy task for someone who knows php. I know where to go to edit it but I don't know what to change. Thx.
  2. flann

    eCommerce upscaling problem

    Hello fellow BH'rs ;) I'm running a couple oscommerce shops (my day job) and 40 WH & BH websites with aff. crap like eGay, CB (not making sh1t anymore), Amazon, Ads3ns3 etc... Now is my problem that i can't get my ecommerce to a higher level. I have multiple domains with shops for each niche...
  3. D

    Get an oscommerce site onto ebay

    Any idaes as to how i can get my oscommerce site over into ebays turbolister for free ? the products are at directbears .co.uk
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