organic ctr traffic

  1. crissdinesh

    Need Motivation :(

    Hello, Folks! How was the performance of my site in the last 3 months? The tech niche site was started in the month of Sep 2018 which has now 32 posts. It has got Adsense approval on Sep month itself. DA is 16 but still feeling unmotivated. I'm doing well or not? What SHOULD I do to improve...
  2. beastkay

    Best way to get organic traffic / Paid on ecommerce shopify?

    IS IT: - - PBN - Directory submissions - tumblr small blogs and adding keywords to it and redirecting them to website - GMB or - fb ads - insta ads - pinterest ads - google adwords But I want check my website and need to know whether it is good enough or not so where I can hire person who...