1. WhiteHatWorlds

    My Options Signals Service + Your Marketing/Traffic

    I have an options signals trading alerts group. We charge $67/Month right now for 4 alerts per day but are raising prices to $199 per month in a few months. Looking for partners with this type of traffic to promote it. DM me if you're interested!
  2. buildandbuild

    If you had lots of time free and a half-decent budget - What route would you take?

    If you had all day free, and lets say 5-6 figures of budget to start marketing, what avenue do you think is best? I am hearing more and more that SEO is getting difficult with all the google updates, and it is very time consuming. Using the finance vertical as an example, is google/fb/native...
  3. IamNRE

    Transitioning from IM to WallStreetBet Sophisticated Theta Farm Retard

    After playing the IM game for a decade +, I've decided to give this shit a break for now. Its hella tough. There's very little control, you either rely on a social network that can ban your ass for breaking the tiniest of terms or just because its Tuesday and the soul-less noob working...
  4. IamNRE

    [THETA GANG] This is probably the BEST Options Strategy You Plebs Will Ever Come Across

    Seriously, watch it... then because you don't know shit, watch it again 2 or 3 more times. Its called covered calls. It also works with crypto coins like Bitcoins. I think it works best with cheaper stocks though. For example you could buy 1,000.000 penny stocks for $1 million bucks...
  5. D

    Looking for someone to partneer with me on Stock and Options signal service

    Long story short I have a consistent trading strategy that has worked for over 3 years and I want to start selling signals. I have no interest in marketing but I would be happy to provide my signals I want somebody that can run the operations, marketing and customer acquisition while I provide...
  6. A

    New Here..Hello Everyone

    I'm an affiliate marketer..very much an newbie and I wanna escape the rat race and build my empire to leave a legacy behind and I like to network and build,learn from other like minded people.I hope that everyone on here get to live in abundance to our full potential and not want from anything!
  7. mangoodi

    [All In One Place] Everybody must read this

    Dear BHW members, I am Happy to be here for some time (Around 20 Days of Journey). This is my 100th post, so I would like to make it useful for lot of newbie and some old members as well. In my journey I have went through lots of threads to discover something new in this “Black Hat World”. In...
  8. mangoodi

    How to filter search preference

    I would like to sort the search results or particular category page by most liked threads or most viewed threads or most reply threads. Is it possible to do? yes means, how to do? No means, I would recommend to BHW to add that option.
  9. P

    LOOKING for AFFILIATE for my binary options campaign !!!!

    any recommendations for affiliates for my binary options campaign
  10. D

    E-Commerce CMS that has easy-apply options

    Hi Guys! I'm selling stuff using an e-commerce CMS so I need to offer options for sizes, colors, etc. However, on many CMS platforms I've used, I need to input each attribute (ie- blue, black, medium, large, etc) on every product page. This is a serious waste of time! :( Are there any...
  11. K

    Stock & Options Affiliate Program

    I just found this stock and options affiliate program on one of the other forums. They are paying out $75/sale. I just signed up for their affiliate program, but am not sure the best way to drive traffic... maybe build a review site? I think PPC is very expensive for this niche. they are...
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