opt in email leads

  1. whosethis

    How to turn a cold/scrapped email list into an Opt-in list for a Newsletter

    Title says it really! How do you turn a cold/scrapped emails list into an Opt-in list for a Newsletter? Any and all ideas welcome! Thanks
  2. GringoMonkey

    [STEP-BY-STEP METHOD] How to be an eMailer $Millionaire on Autopilot in 5 Steps Blueprint

    Written as a step-by-step-companion to my media buying thread: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/method-how-to-be-an-emailer-millionaire-on-autopilot-in-5-steps.1304208/ Do you want a business model and a strategy to implement, scale and fully automate it using media buying and email marketing...
  3. Ray Rolls

    Question For List Builders. Is My Niche Worth It?

    Just looking for general guidance so I don't start something I won't actually use. I have a couple of projects and I'm considering putting email opt-ins on my sites. The sites are entertainment based and do good volume so I'm wondering if it's worth creating email lists for them because of the...
  4. G

    How and where to promote my opt in page. Help!

    I am new to affiliate marketing and don’t really know where to start promoting. I know building an email list is the way to go but I don’t know where to promote my links. I have an opt in page and set up an email series with my affiliate offers but the missing part is the email addresses. Can...
  5. L

    CPA Link Share Email Pool ?

    So I'm sitting at home trying to think of ways to earn with CPA , and I came up with this bright idea to start a CPA link share email pool . Then i think .... Will this method kick me out of my affiliate networks ? .... I'm not too sure .... Take a listen ... No spamming involved all emails...
  6. cburton81

    Purchase Opt-In Email Lists vs. Ad Messaging Service

    Hey, I'm just putting out a feeler to see if people are still in need of leads. Any and all kinds of leads. (opt-in, buyers, keyword and site specific leads) For anyone interested in leads would you rather purchase and have the leads or be able to buy a service that sends your message to...
  7. C

    Looking for Mailer w Lists

    Looking for someone with USA only lists - optin only. Have a legit biz to promote. No pills or vodoo meds. PM or email with description of list(s) and price. Target - seniors - elderly - ill - women...
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