1. monipeach

    Hello to everyone and nice to Emeet you

    Hi everyone, I'm a 40 yo software developer, looking for business opportunities with lads sharing my interests. I'm very excited by the amazing journey that BHW has to offer and I'm look forward sharing the love with everyone
  2. HellClone

    Introduction: Embracing Opportunities for Impact and Transformation

    Hello everyone! allow me to introduce myself. My name is HellClone a long-time member of this community, and I've been exploring and learning from it since 2013 quietly absorbing all the valuable information and inspiration that this community has to offer. This community has been a great source...
  3. K

    2 Under-estimated Qualities You'll Need To Create Your Own Opportunity

    Not to start the oblivious but; "Fortune favours the man who takes Bold and Optimistic steps." Our world is full of opportunities, and your ability to see and use them determines how you profit from life. Sometimes, opportunities come our way but we don’t see them because of our worries...
  4. Divisoria

    Eleven websites to find thousands of remote jobs opportunities

    Hi BHW communities, Here is my contribution to this powerful forum. Eleven websites to find thousands of remote jobs opportunities. Let's go, powertofly.com connected diverse talent like you to big career moves, solid gigs kick off your freelance career with a solid platform...
  5. Lenny247

    Hello everybody

    Hello, a while back I filled out the form on this site but I've been kind of busy doing other marketing. I am one guy and I do online marketing and real estate investing so it gets tough on me. However I just wanted to reach out and Talk more about this site, I still have to redo a lot of the...
  6. Backlink Database

    [Method] Get a DA 76 event backlink.

    No anchor text, just naked URL. Steps: Go to: brownpapertickets.com/createevent.html Fill up all the necessary details, put your link under settings: It's a much better alternative compared to spammy profile/forum links. Hope this is useful to some of yall. Here's a few that works the...
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