1. N

    New and wondering if this is a good idea

    I plan on making a site called something along the lines of : and i was wondering if i could add subdomains like /(onlyfansgirls name) and just put a content locker (with redirect to fake error page on completion) Or would i still get dmcas? New to cpa so sorry if this is...
  2. savobaby

    Your Real Adult Models + My Targeted Adult Traffic

    It has been over six years since I began playing the adult game. I just launched a new website within the "dating" niche. Only a few months old, the site gets 150-200 steady targetted visitors a day. My own Snapchat accounts are currently being built through advertising on the site itself, and I...
  3. bunny_agency

    Onlyfans chatter

    Looking for chatters to convert traffic from Onlyfans, as a chatter you will be paid with a fixed salary but also many incentives. What we require: - reliability - good language (english) --> in texting - motivation Nice to have: - experience What we offer: - fixes salary - many incentives...
  4. bunny_agency

    Reddit posting - full time (NSFW)

    Looking to hire someone to do daily Onlyfans posting and editing pictures and videos. Full time gig. should have experience posting on reddit. ( May ask for proof) send me a email: [email protected]
  5. D

    Instagram traffic and your onlyfans models

    Hey guys! I have 3 Instagram pages about curvy girls. 3 pages with more than one million followers and most of them are men. If you guys have curvy girls models, pm and let's work
  6. F

    [JV] My OnlyFans / Premium setup your traffic

    Converting traffic is our thing, if you are looking for someone to maximize profits together let me know! Are you affiliated in the adult niche for a while like me? We have a decent variety of models at disposal and a team of inside chatters to handle the clients. What are we looking for? -...
  7. V

    Onlyfans management and assistance - Male creator with 9.1k fans

    I am a male onlyfans creator looking for management/assistanceI have two pages on onlyfans, one free where I sell PTV content and shoutouts and one that costs $15/month. I have 9,100 free page fans and around 200 paying fans.I need someone to help me reach top 1% or lower by taking care of...
  8. OmnipotentUmbra

    I got Tinder + hot babe, but what now? Growing personal OnlyFans account

    I got my hot babe, we live together, it's legit - she just started an OnlyFans acc, lewd only (non-nude) I'm new to all of this so excuse my incorrect use of the nomenclature here. This is the Tinder 'funnel?' (Instagram link in the Tinder bio -> link on her Instagram -> OnlyFans...
  9. V

    Looking for Onlyfans Manager

    Hey, I am a male creator with 8.9k free fans and 195 paying fans. I need someone to help me reach top 1% or lower by taking care of marketing and helping me with content planning and selling, along with any guidance they can provide. I have worked with an agency before and it did not work out...
  10. Lilyna

    Need help driving traffic to my OnlyFans

    Need help driving traffic to my OnlyFans. At the moment, I am in the top 3% of OnlyFans creators. Inresut significant growth in the top! I am ready to discuss the price. I have social networks on Twitter: 30K, Reddit Karma: 75K, Fetlife.
  11. NinjaT

    Onlyfans decides to go back on his decision

    After so much excitement in recent days and a gigantic growth of competitors such as fansly, pocketstars, justforfans, loverfans, privacy, among others... the platform decided to go back to the decision to ban pornography creators. Will they always stay that way or a time bomb?
  12. Stewielenor

    Looking for Onlyfans managers /models

    Looking for Onlyfans managers to talk business If you are a manager or model reach out to me through DM , as I am "hiring" well that is not the correct word for it.. anyway... we are looking for models and managers that have models they manage..
  13. L

    Looking OnlyFans Account Manager and Traffic

    Hi guys, I am looking for an account manager for one of my girls OnlyFans. She has 1x free account and 1x premium. You have to post photos and chat with people. If people have wishes, we can deliver the content. You will be paid by % of earnings from both accounts. It would be nice if you...
  14. M

    OnlyFans / Fansly 2021 - Model Agency thread

    Hello! I found there's no structured thread about Only Fans information so I'm just creating this one with the purpose of changing experiences. Our team is capable of developing projects on Reddit, Only Fans, Fansly, Tiktok, and other traffic sources. Reddit is now our main focus for traffic...
  15. NinjaT

    What is Onlyfans' main competitor?

    in view of the drop in pornographic content on Onlyfans, which site is better prepared to receive recurring marketing with interaction between models and audiences? fansly? pocketstars? 4myfans? or another? Rapper Tyga also created his own platform today in a promotional video where he excludes...
  16. thescrrr

    OnlyFans to ban sexually explicit content

    "The subscription site OnlyFans, known for its adult content, has announced it will block sexually explicit photos and videos from 1 October. People will still be able to post nude content on the site. But this will need to be consistent with OnlyFans' policies. The announcement comes after...
  17. venominthefire

    Onlyfans Profit Sharing Methods?

    Hi im in the process of starting an Onlyfans management agency the main thing I am stuck on is how payments can be distributed. Onlyfans won't verify me to even see the process behind setting up a bank account because I don't have a public social media profile with my face of it on the internet...
  18. E


    Looking for assistance to drive traffic from Reddit to my OnlyFans. I've reached the top .02% on the site but having a hard time managing the marketing aspect. Essentially, I post gifs that I make from my videos on reddit, in relevant subreddits, and traffic is flowed through into the OnlyFans...
  19. xueiru

    OnlyFans alternative ?

    Hello, I started to do porn affiliate, but I want to scale it little bit and make more money with sharing some random models on OF similar websites. I'm looking for some OF alternative for adult content sharing, which won't be asking for full list of private details. + I'm looking for some...
  20. Stewielenor

    Selling Adult marketing company

    For sale! Adult marketing company that has been created on 2020-10-21 but actually started in 2020-12-31 is now for sale. The company is focused on promoting adult content creators ( these days Onlyfans / AVNstars) on social media specifically reddit. How do we acquire customers? We acquire...