1. A

    Hiring onlyfans promotor (i am model)

    If you know how to promote onlyfans it is perfect for u, paying 2-4$ per sub depends where it comes from. If u wanna try urself and make some money hit me up on tg: @takedrugzstayhigh
  2. A

    Need Onlyfans traffic

    (i am onlyfans model) looking for dating apps onylfans traffic // any other good traffic source, can be paid fixed price per sub/%of profit, hit me up on tg: @takedrugzstayhigh
  3. homeriscool

    Top Earners on OnlyFans Making Peanuts?

  4. D

    HIRING Onlyfans promoters to join our agency. 4$ per sub!

    Hey, if you know how to promote OF models and you are sure you can generate 20-100+ subs a day we have a great deal for you! We are looking for promoters who are experts in Reddit, Twitter, Tinder, IG, Tiktok etc. We are willing to pay 2-4$ per sub depending on where subs are coming from...
  5. Porter.parter

    I need advice on promoting Twitter

    I started promoting OnlyFans models on Twitter. I created very similar to the real account - model accounts. They are really hard to distinguish, they do retweets, likes and are identical to any profile on Twitter I started doing mass subscriptions, but no one is subscribing back. Made over...
  6. TurksVilla

    My journey from 0 to $10k/month as an OF Agency Owner

    Yes, I know what you guys are probably thinking: "God, another fool that watched a tiktok about OF management and thinks he will get rich quick". Not the case. I know its hard, I know that a lot of people are doing it now, I know it requires a lot of skill on different areas and I know it takes...
  7. Porter.parter

    Looking for an expert on Tinder & Bumble

    We are an OnlyFans agency, currently looking for a specialist to scale $$$ results. We manage more than 15 accounts girls and more than 30 more girls are waiting to work with us. We cover everything from content to chatting with fans. We are looking for a specialist who can show results and...
  8. Porter.parter

    Looking for a specialist in organic (viral) traffic in Tik-Tok & Reels or Shorts

    I will write on behalf of our agency. We are an agency at OnlyFans, we promote models. From producing content to chatting and traffic. We have models from 0-7% on OnlyFans earnings We use a variety of traffic and marketing channels, now we are looking for a Tik-Tok & Reels & Shorts specialist...
  9. L

    Onlyfans Feet Fetish Site - best practice with marketing budget

    Dear BHW Community, short introduction (about and why): I am a Fashion Influencer on IG from Europe with around 230K Followers and a very good income. I am also on europe's fashion magazines. Long story short, I get a lot of DM's from ppl. who ask for secret content of my feets, they seem to be...
  10. SirLouen

    OF is a thing in BHW

    I'm not 100% confident and maybe I'm biased but I have to admit that in the past 2 years, the amount of threads talking about OnlyFans are almost the same or even greater than many other SM that have subforums. I would say even greater than Twitter and LinkedIn for sure (and just behind FB and...
  11. H

    Looking for experienced chatter for Onlyfans for 10+ looking models, good salary offered to right person

    Job Title: Social Media Chatter for OF Agency We are seeking an experienced and skilled chatter for my Onlyfans Agency and interact with fans. has to have a strong understanding of how to effectively communicate with fans and sell content, as well as the ability to build and maintain...
  12. monsterslo

    Onlyfans promotion

    Hello! I am looking for an Onlyfans agency purely for promotion, no account management. I would like the promotion demonstration and real results statistics. I would also be interested in purchasing any tools I can use for promotion. Thanks!
  13. FansyEnt

    Traffic for my Onlyfans page

    Hello, I am looking for someone who handles traffic for onlyfans who can help me with marketing for my onlyfans profile. Currently my budget is very low, but we can discuss further business details privately. I'm 28 years old, female, do both solo content and content with a guy. :)
  14. M

    Onlyfans agency

    Hi. I am looking for a serious agency to manage the social media promotion of Onlyfans accounts. I am not looking for them to manage directly the Onlyfans account or chatters, only the external promotion and that they are able to demonstrate it.
  15. A

    looking for Someone in US to promote my onlyfans on tiktok

    I was thinking of using tiktok as my traffic source, and i need someone that has some knowledge about tiktok vids/slideshows to help me promote my onlyfans. (someone with ideas/enviroment to post on us feed). We can do fixed $ rate or better option % of revenue, If u would want to talk about...
  16. M

    Snapchat To OnlyFans

    Hello, We've been able to generate a high volume of adds per day on snapchat from dating apps, the problem is we were only able to use random photos on these dating apps in order to do a high volume, and that makes it harder to convert to onlyfans. My question is what would be the best way to...
  17. zxonai

    Onlyfans Account growth help (getting over 2k a month) (F/19) ( Fat fetish) (feederism)

    Hiya everyone!! This is probably the wrong place to ask this, or even the wrong way, but I'll try it anyway! I have been doing onlyfans for quite some time, maybe around 7 months and I average around 1.5k a month, which ofc isn't bad, but I wanna know what I can do, to get that higher. I know...
  18. julysvryown

    Hello BHW! Looking To Grow As A Digital Marketer

    Hi, We receive gifts in life from time to time & this forum has been a gift from the internet gods. I was researching Reddit Onlyfans(OF) marketing strategies and found the holy grail of forums. I had no idea that this community existed until a couple of days ago and I could be happier to be a...
  19. odyssee

    Selling Feet Pics - Is this a good Business and what should I know about it?

    Hey guys, after my last post I decided to put more focus on Merch by Amazon and therefore I ignore more and more other methods to make money online. That's why the title for the following text is: I'm asking for a friend. I am friends with a fit 23 year old student who knows that I make money...
  20. T

    Struggling with traffic on Onlyfans!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey, i have a model and i am struggling with traffic. The tik tok videos are getting 200-300 on average, targeting the US audience, with US sim card. Why is that happening? We have 3 accounts and all have the same views per video. I told her to create a new account in order to see if we will get...