1. David Negip

    Amazon AoneLink Code

    I wanted to know exactly where to put the OneLink code on my WordPress site? I put it in the footer.php file, just before the </body> tag as they say, but it doesn't work. I also associated my Amazon accounts from different countries. I can't get the global report with all the countries. Thanks...
  2. Gr00t007

    Amazon OneLink Sucks?

    Hey, So i tried the OneLink feature. Copied the JavaScript to my theme and then there's a problem. My site's speed has taken a hit. It has almost doubled. When checking via Gtmetrix, it shows "Enable Keep-Alive" in Grade F and has links to amazon adsystem. Is there anybody with the same...
  3. pishty

    Amazon OneLink issue

    Hi, My Amazon sales dropped to zero since implementing the OneLink feature. Did anyone else experience the same or maybe I'm doing something wrong?