ogads denied

  1. Arpan Mondal

    How to earn $200 in 2 months? I need $200 for my University Fees?

    Hello, How can i earn $200 in 2 - 3 Months? I need $200 because our college/university fines not to attend classes. So, I can't tell my parent for money. So, Is there any way to earn quick money. I don't even have any money to invest. Please give your suggestion. I'm in big trouble. I am...
  2. caffeinesn0w

    Got Denied by OGAds, No Explaination Given

    About an hour ago I signed up with OGAds. I made sure that all of the information I gave them was correct. I explained that I would be using YouTube videos and Instagram as my primary sources. I linked my Youtube to show I already have one set and ready with 250 organic subs. I said I didn't...
  3. vishalteotia

    Ogads application got denied plz help guys

    I saw lots of instagram + ogads earning thread on bhw. I am new here and just want to make little money out here through this ogads method. During signup i mentioned all proper reasons but still i got denied. Help me guys. So do i have to reapply now tell me.. Thanks.