ogads cpa

  1. Kingofads

    Capped offers on ogads

    Hi, are offers capped when a specific "time" or "amount of leads" are aquired??
  2. D

    How to make money with OGads?

    I recently got my ogads approved now i don't know how to make money on it. Can anyone please help me out with this please ?
  3. S

    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    Hi, I created this thread to keep myself motivated and learn along the way. This is my first journey on BHW but not my first attempt at IM earning. Idea is: get traffic to my landing page from IG accounts to my landing pages send users from landing pages to content locker page after a user...
  4. A


    What is best way to promote my site? Pls help im new. my site: takeyouriphone(dot)today and vbucks(dot)takegiftcard(dot)com
  5. elias880810

    Problems With OGads

    I've been having problems getting into ogads for a while now or creating a campaign or doing anything, the ogads website goes down constantly and shows me an error in google chrome "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET", I ask, has anyone else happened to this? How can I fix it? Thanks.
  6. wano

    IG accounts with OGAds question

    Hey BHW! I'm considering doing CPA on instagram using OGAds. I have about $100 to invest. I can buy phone verified 2-3-year-old accounts that come with proxies for $1.49 a piece. I'm wondering how long these accounts would last without getting banned? Also: Approximately how much does one...
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