ogads contentlocker lp

  1. Foletto

    How To Add my ogads content locker on wix landing page

    Hello BHW , i hope u are all fine ! I just created a Landing page on wix , and i stucked , i don't know how to embed my content locker from ogads ! Can you show me how or give an advice ! Thanks in advanced ♥ Sorry for the english !
  2. Foletto

    Promote Ogads landing pages through emails

    Hello , I’m trying to promote OgAds offers with a requested landing page through emails I just wanna know if it’s okey to do that ! And if i will get banned or something.. Sorry for my bad english and Thank you !!
  3. P

    Ogads LP or locker ?

    Hi guys, i have come across this forum, only a week ago, i must say i love it. I've read tons of things, and will now try to get into the OGADS business. So, I am all setup with OGADS, but there is one thing that still confuses me (sorry it that's obvious) : I have made LP requests and got...
  4. elias880810

    Problems With OGads

    I've been having problems getting into ogads for a while now or creating a campaign or doing anything, the ogads website goes down constantly and shows me an error in google chrome "ERR_CONNECTION_RESET", I ask, has anyone else happened to this? How can I fix it? Thanks.
  5. P

    How to put my content locker on ripped LP

    Anyone can give me a detailed walkthrough of this using a content locker from OGads