ogads content locker

  1. Better_call_me

    The current problem with Ogads

    I'm making $200+ every day on US offers. Most users noticed that it only takes a few hours after starting a new day 90% of the US offers gets capped. It is impossible to earn normally all day long. If it weren't like that, I would earn 5x as much. Is there someone here who also makes money...
  2. Kingofads

    Capped offers on ogads

    Hi, are offers capped when a specific "time" or "amount of leads" are aquired??
  3. Ankith K Shetty

    Any Content Locker that doesn't deny me?

    Hi, I am trying to get into content locking business. But I am being rejected where ever I am applying. Rejected in: Ogads Crack Revenue Maxbounty Is there any networks where I can earn with content locking and where a beginner can get approved easily?
  4. Nekronomikon

    OGAds Content locker doesn't work?

    I have a problem with a content locker that I created on OGads. After completing the offer, one should get redirected to the file I locked. But the redirect doesnt seem to work. I tested it several times already, but after completing the offer, nothing happens and I stay on the offer site. Has...