og ads + jarvee

  1. Marlau

    ⭐Journey to $50 a day in 1 Month|OGads+YT+Some Prasites

    Hello guys, and welcome to my journey! ;) This is my first journey, I am doing this to motivate myself to not stop posting, I wanna say that i worked before with this method and i had some pretty income from it! As I said in the title my goal is to make $50 a day till the midle of May...
  2. sumithykkts

    [help] instagram+ogads

    Hello Everyone, Please share money making mothod instagram+ogads thank you all
  3. ThatBritishGuy

    Best CPA Network?

    I have recently been reading up on different cpa methods and seemingly these methods all work through different sites. I am wondering if there is any clear winner for certain people? I know a lot of this will probably be personal opinion to most but I would much appreciate input no matter the...
  4. blackhathobo


    So guys, I have taken a little time out to test some software and also develop some imacros/bots, that can be used on this journey. So far, I have been playing about with JARVEE and it's settings on test accounts, that have nothing to do with CPA but rather to test the setting for INSTAGRAM &...