1. nirajjoshi

    OgAds is broken. Is there any good mobile incentive alternative?

    Ogads is gone. This whole week, their domain have HTTPS error and I don't think it will be fixed soon. I was getting 1000+ clicks a day and now it's barely 200! I need a better network with mobile app download wall. Please suggest me.
  2. Rakesh Mohanty

    Content locking ideas

    Dear all, Can anyone suggest what will be the best traffic source for content locking kinds of stuff? Awaiting for feedbacks. thanks
  3. 223thaproducer

    I was denied for ogads.. Help please

    I was gonna use instagram as a way to promote and I dont have a website. Also I stay in the usa. I was very honest with them and still got denied. If there is anyone who can give me help thanks. I would also be willing to try another network thats not so damned particular. However I'm...
  4. 223thaproducer

    I need help getting accepted into og ads please

    Ive been reading over this site for months now and became inspired to try my hand at cpa (preferably ogads).... Ive just spent around 500$ combined on ig accounts and proxies and im ready to rock. I would just like to make sure I get accepted to og ads because thats the one Ive got my eyes set...
  5. Y


    Hi everyone I have a lot of experiences on cpa offers promoting but I never try to get convertions using instagrame so can you please advise me and give me the best ways to promote using instagrame
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