1. CrazyRDP

    Host whatever you want: ✅ Start from €3.50 ✅ OFFSHORE DMCA IGNORED HOSTING ✅ Kali Linux, Windows 10, Win Server 2022, Rocky...

    Privacy Policy Across the site and our servers, we only store the data that is absolutely necessary to keep our service running. We only keep this information for exactly as long as we need it, and we don't share it with anybody else. The data that we store is not personally identifiable, as...
  2. M

    How and where to open offshore bank account?

    Guys need help. Who can advise? How much it costs and how to open offshore bank account?
  3. D

    advise me

    Hello, I am working on a website project similar to netflix, I will publish movies and series inside it, I need your advice to choose a domain that ignores complaints, hosting that ignores complaints, content saving companies ignore complaints like dropbox, and I have a small suggestion if i buy...
  4. D

    Best Offshore/DMCA Ignored VPS provider to host Malware ?

    Whats the best and cheapest provider that ignore DMCA requests related to malware stuff? Thanks
  5. N

    What are your moves when you want to offshore from US, CA, ..(five eyes) for legal adult content?

    Let's say Tom lives in CA, and Tom would like to host some strictly legal adult content, based on CA laws, but at the same time. Tom doesn't want his big bro (and the friends of his big bro) watching him doing that. Do you think this is good with his moves? 1. use for a .com, (yes, Tom...
  6. DeepFuccks

    Best Adult / DMCA Ignored Dedicated Hosting

    Okay so I need to find a new server ASAP! Just got a notice from Hetzner that I must remove my site within 24 hours after someone made a completely false claim that it contains “revenge porn”. Prior to Hetzner I was using vicetemple which I never had issues with. The only thing holding me back...
  7. M

    Is Escort website mandatory offshore? [ SEO ]

    Hello there, I have an idea to start an escort website, I need your good experiences, I wonder if all active escort websites in my chosen country use offshore hosting Do I have to use offshore hosting? Can this be ignored if I don't use it? does luck matter or will it shut down hosting for...
  8. D

    Looking for anonymous dedicated offshore hosting ( need help and reccomendations)

    I need an anonymous dedicated offshore hosting that is reliable and has good overall features with these requirements with cpanel, PHP 7.1.3 or later MySQL 5.* or later Apache web server fopen enabled OpenSSL PHP Extension PDO PHP Extension Mbstring PHP Extension Tokenizer PHP Extension XML PHP...

    I need some help for a movie streaming site!!

    I need some help for a movie streaming site!! I have a movie website my website ( using (WordPress dooplay Theme) and I want to change it. What do you advise me? I want to make a movie streaming website directed to the Arabs and I want the movies to be with Arabic...
  10. Age of Browsing

    Offshore Porn Website Consultant Needed

    I will be publishing a new type of porn website with a unique niche. I do see a lot of advice about this, but need someone hands-on the manage the entire process, as I have many other activities to tend to. The ideal person has experience and depth (or knowledge of how to acquire): * The safest...
  11. deroty

    Benefiting from offshore companies to pay lower tax.

    Hello friends. I am from Turkey and I am opening an account in forex firm "IC Markets" Seychelles branch. What I want to ask is: What and which location can I incorporate in order not to pay tax? And I also want a debit card in that anonymous company name. I looked Seychelles and it costs 600...
  12. retsepmi

    NEED GUIDANCE: Being fully anonymous - website

    Hello, I am aware of offshore hosting but can someone guide me how it goes for domain registration and payment options (except crypto)? Is there any website for anonymous/offshore website registration like there are many for offshore hostings? & For accpeting payments on such sites, what...
  13. P

    offshored server needed

    help , i need offshore dcma ignore server chance to receive dcma is less than 10% configure: at least 2 Tb Hdd 8gb ram cpu any port speed 1gb guaranteed (not up to 1gb) bandwidth 100 Tb or unlimited
  14. Santiz

    What jurisdiction should I choose now? Hong Kong, US, Georgia, Armenia?

    What jurisdiction should I choose now? (for micro business, affiliate marketing, services; non us or eu resident) - With low or 0% taxes on foreign income. - Easy administration and reports, for morons. - Inexpensive service. Hong Kong, US LLC Wyoming? Something else? (Georgia, Armenia) Yes...
  15. T

    Advice on a payment gateway that won’t share my personal details with authorities

    I’ll be selling the equivalent of pirated files, I can accept Bitcoin, but I have found it puts quite a lot of people off (just the effort of it all), people would prefer to just pay by card (PayPal etc..). A transaction averages at about 50 USD an order. All the payment gateways I have found...
  16. kampfm.odz

    Movie streaming site

    Hey! i am currently streaming some movies from my offshore server and want to protect it more. i thought cloudflare could act as reverse proxy but i dont know if its secure enough? you guys now if cloudflare is fucking me when i use their service for that ? or you got any alternative
  17. S

    looking for streaming reverse proxy

    Hi, I am currently looking for a hosting offshore/dmca ignore offering vps or dedicated that will serve as a reverse proxy for my streaming service I'm currently using 5 Elite VPS from OVH, I'm looking for something similar or better for a pretty equivalent price. I'm looking for one or more...
  18. L

    Looking for a CDN to host images that ignores DMCA

    I can't seem to find recommended CDNs that ignore DMCA or are offshore? And also accepts crypto What do you guys use or recommend? Thanks!
  19. seosmith13

    Hello i want to buy 20 TB offshore storage server budget of 200 to 300 dollars a month

    Hello I have a budget of 200 to 300 dollars a month to buy a private storage hosting with a capacity of 20 TB, it has to be OFFSHORE AND IGNORE DCMA I need it to have good transfer speed, Now I am testing vsys host provider, paying 250 dollars a month but really the speed is sad, I tried to put...
  20. Lucider

    Does anyone have experience with Cloudflare Registrar? Is it kind of offshore?

    i saw many websites that related to premium adult contents (which they rip and posting them for free on their website) registered their domains through cloudflare registrar, even an popular data base leaking / sharing forum. is cloudflare kind of offshore or something? i'm asking to know is it...
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