offshore video hosting

  1. jumpeg

    juMPEG | 1080p Video Hosting | Use Your Own Ads | 5TB | $29.99

    Hello Everyone! If you are looking to take control over the ads displayed on your videos or simply share your videos ad-free - juMPEG is for you. PREMIUM PLAN INCLUDES: 5TB of Storage Unlimited Bandwidth 100k Views ( Videos will load slower when limit reached) 1080p No Ads for you or your...
  2. R

    Movie Streaming webiste help...

    Hi, I decided to start the Movie Streaming website and also planned to host my videos on my own server (self-hosting), but i don't know, how to calculate the streaming Server Bandwidth...? So please help me guys, my traffic worth is 200k per day (in future)... and also need some online free...
  3. A

    Offshore online video hosting (OVH)

    Hi everyone. I am planning to launch a video on-demand website. I couldn't find a DMCA ignore online video providets (ovp) that ignore DMCA, so planning on getting my own offshore dedicated server. Can anyone give me instructions on how to do this (configurations) and what softwares can o buy...
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