1. A

    How to make a text on picture undetectable by pcr

    hello i'm looking for a way to put text on image and ocr cant read the text any suggestion?
  2. O

    Need a captcha solver

    I have a captcha that i come across often while running a python script and i need to be able to get it solved... its not google recaptcha.. i use an audio setup to solve that.. this is just a plain captcha image with the letters a little twisted and turned.. if your someone who might be able to...
  3. ches32

    Bill Upload for Comparison website?

    Hi all I'm in the process of rebuilding my comparison website and thought of a great function to add. Instead of the user filling out the form with their name, address, current provider and plan, and current usage, I would add bill upload function, then connect it to Google Vision Text...
  4. Phackistanouche

    Scrape site, switch proxies, bypass captchas - 80$

    Hello, I need someone who can make me a script/bot that will run constantly on my Linux server. No GUI needed, only with command lines. What does it do? It must "browse" some specific webpages and when visiting these pages, bypass the captcha shown, usually google recaptcha. Then it changes...
  5. M

    OCR or Data entry

    Hi, I'm looking for a solution OCR to convert this kind of gif files (gif provided as pdf to avoid text scapping) into text files everyday. 3 options : - perfect OCR server script - OCR server script + human control - manual data entry Do you have a script or indian date entry company...
  6. Y

    [GET] TumblrPlug free bot with OCR support!!

    Hi BHW helped me a lot so i decided to give something back to you guys :) What is TumblrPlug? People come here to advertise their blogs or find blogs to follow and get follows back. It is easy to gain followers if you can stay on top of main page/category, there are hundreds of ads posted every...
  7. S

    nike twitter ocr software

    Project Description: I am searching for a programmer who will be able to design some software that will allow the user to: 1) Repeatedly monitor specific twitter accounts (10 max) for a specific RSVP& tweet (#RSVP is now open for the Air Max 1, #specifichashtag 2) Once such a tweet is posted...
  8. C

    Ready To Provide Captcha OCR

    I'm not sure where I must be posting this. I wish to know for which captcha there exists a demand for an OCR. I'm looking to rent this as a service. I'm already onto re-captcha ( non blob ver. ), yahoo captcha and hotmail I yet don't have the working version but is looking to finish in 1...
  9. kelvin.thechamp

    Exclusive Custom Made Bots, Automated Software Solutions, Scrapers, Custom Captcha Ocr's

    Our Team We are a group of total 5 experienced coders all with expertise in , multi-threaded applications , image processing as well. Our Pricing Our price basically depends on project basis as every project has there own complex automation its start with 200$ with following features in it...
  10. D

    Giving Away 2K Free Hotmail Accounts

    Hi Im willing to offer Free Hotmail accounts 200 Per Member. Pm me your id .. BHZ ROCKZZZZZZZZZZ
  11. D

    Recaptcha OCR

    Hi I have stumbled upon a free recaptcha ocr site. You can upload a captcha and scrape the output for the result. It works pretty good. You might want to check it out to before recaptcha changes it again. derecaptcha.dyndns. info:2000/Decoder.aspx Not sure if this is the right section, if not...
  12. X

    Online OCR (captcha) service

    What do you think about online OCR service anti-captcha . net ? There are free testing for 3 captchas. Anybody already used its API?
  13. giveitlegs

    Need a coder who can create a scraping bot...

    ...for this site www.mpiweb.org. It is running ASP I believe and it is hard to manually acquire all of the 'planners' from their database. The site requires a login, which I have and can make available. I need to scrape the planners' chapter, first name, last name, address, phone...
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