noob for life

  1. abhi raj

    can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?

    i made this site ( ) 8 months ago, it's micro niche site so only 8 articles i feel like avg position isn't increasing at all see here( ) as you can see here only 32 clicks in 12 months (it's really depressing) and i have made...
  2. Takurah

    Here to Learn and meet fellow Out Goers ^_^

    ok def needed to read through the rules highly recommend for all new users like myself* for now (while i read the rest) Ill just say Hi and cant wait to learn and post PS: I mean guys seriously read through the noob guide it has basic how to gems hidden in there #worth
  3. T

    Hello world

    Hello , just registered and hoping tobe part of this community, i know zero regarding IM and hoping to feed my mind with the right knowledge and right tools contributed by the community of BH in IM . Thanks for having me here
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